Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am back!!

It has been such a long time! Checking out my new iPhone and which way would be best to start a new blog. Or if I should just do facebook and forget the blog.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kaitlin absolutely loved playing with Glory
(maybe because they are both good at cheating and competitive)
Ashley wanted to smile so we took as many pics as possible!

Glory and I drove to down to Cali together from Utah. We went to In N Out and Jack in the Box 4 times!

I thought Kirsten looks like a model! She is so beautiful!
So, Kaitlin comes up to me in the Parlor and says she has a secret and I can't tell anyone. She made chocolate mice with Grandma White and she described them to me and swore me to secrecy! She was sooo excited about these mice.
Some of you remember when Chas wasn't over 6 feet tall! In this picture I thought it was so cute because I remember when he was 2 and he would take pictures just like this with his Chas grin!

Ashley let me pick her up for this picture. She is so cute!

Ashley would jump on these pillows and laugh and laugh...

Or...Hide under them and play Peek A Boo!

Or simply jump on them....
The was Ashley's first experience with Marbles! It was so hilarious to watch her. She wouldn't even look away for a minute! She would pick up the marbles (and not look where she was going which knocked over the whole tower) and take it directly to the top to put the marble in and repeat and repeat and repeat! We did this for probably 2 hours!

The Girls kept asking if Glory was ever going to wake up or can we go wake up Glory...They were begging me to let them because they are so used to me and I wake up before them so they thought that was sooo weird that Glory wasn't awake YET!
Do you see that a lot of these pictures I am holding the whole tower together! That is because it kept getting knocked over when all 3 girls would go crazy trying to get all 12 marbles at once!

It isnt Christmas without putting together puzzles!


My grandpa had to go to the hospital and miss Grandma Jocie's dinner because he fainted and we wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious. So the whole way to the hospital and the whole time he kept telling the nurses to hurry up because he wants to go to Grandma Jocies!
All of the nurses said he is the nicest man they ever had as a patient he never wants to be a bother. That is so true!
We LOVE taking pictures!

Most of the time my mom takes random pictures of us for no reason and then deletes all of the ugly ones... It is so crazy but we love her anyway and anytime she has her camera out we smile and then go back to whatever we were doing.

We went to Grandma Jocie's the Sunday before Christmas when all of us were in Cali at the same time. Noel's family and Kurt wasn't able to come to Cali. They both stayed in Utah and had a WHITE CHRISTMAS together! I was so excited to see Cali where there wasn't any snow. The funny thing is that it was in the 40's the whole time and Cali never is that cold in the Winter!

Me and Emily. She is turning 6 in March!
Ashley is so cute with my dad! My mom told me that one day Ashley saw Grandpa's van in the same parking lot where Star and the girls were eating lunch and she wouldn't even go into the Restaurant until she saw her Grandpa! She had to go in the store where her Grandpa was and wouldn't even eat!

My mom is so much fun! I was so excited to see her again, I miss her so much when I don't see her! I call her everyday we always have something to talk about! (Sometimes I even let her say something)

I don't know what I would do without my sister Star. She always know exactly what to say to make me feel wonderful! I had so much fun with her and the girls when I was in Cali! I wish I could fly to see her and go shopping every weekend!

Here are the girls! They were so beautiful in their pink sweaters. I love these girls more than they will ever know... I can't get enough of them! We spent almost everyday together during Christmas. I love playing the Wii with them it is so fun!

The girls kept calling these pumpkins, but they are really squash! Ashley liked hers so much that she dropped it a few times and then had to go get another one.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Mom came to Utah and we went to this

store. The dresses were beautiful!

I am going to a store in Bountiful

this Saturday we will keep you posted

on how it goes!!!

Kurt is HERE!!!

He moved here Halloween weekend and we were so
excited that Mom wanted to visit and go out for her
Birthday to Teppenyaki's. (It is like Behnihanna's)
Of course he is still waiting for it to snow even though
it is pretty cold....Jeez!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I was so excited to see snow that I came outside at 6:30am in my pj's to take pics of the snow! It was 30 degree's. It was only an inch of snow but it sure was fun and beautiful!

KIDS are SO Sweet!

Someone rang my doorbell so I answered it and saw on the floor a plate of crackers. I look up and see through the stairs a little girl peeking through the stairs! I said Thank you and she said your welcome. Did you ever see anything so cute in your life?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The goal is to open your picture folder and choose the fourth picture from the fourth folder and post it on your blog.I look foward to seeing all your pictures on your blogs.

Apparently the Blog Gods are not letting me insert a pic hope to have this fixed soon. Maybe Star can help me since she prays to the Blog Gods :)

I finally fixed it! This was when baby Ashley was 4 weeks old. Star and the girls and I went to Dland for a friends kids bday party. At Dland they go all out and do a show for kids. Of course everyone pays $70 for a ticket!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My sister star lives in CA with her husband Mark and 3 beautiful daughters. She is holding Ashley her baby that is a 2 already! We used to get our nails done and go shopping at the mall all of the time. Such great memories...I miss hanging out with her so much! When we were in Highschool we shared a room and would stay up for hours talking. I love being her younger sister.
Me and The Girls...

Kaitlin and Emily are so much fun! I miss them so much living in Utah. I can't wait to see them at Christmas.

I just can't get enough of Anthony. I love him so much he is constantly telling me how much he loves and doing sweet things for me. I am so proud to get married to him for all eternity in the SLC Temple.

When I moved into my new apartment, I ran some errands while Anthony stayed at my apartment and surpised me with this table when I came back! It is a marble table. This is by far the best surprise anyone has ever given me. I have the greatest boyfriend ever!

There were love notes on the front door outside so I knew he was up to something...

Then I saw notes on the front door inside, on the TV, on the fridge, on the cupboard in the kitchen...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Kurt, Mom and Dad drove this Uhaul filled with my stuff all of the way from Southern California. I couldn't have moved without them!

Mom and Dad took a smooching break!
Trying to look cute for this pic even though we are so tired!
Anthony my handyman how cute...
Noel and Paul came to see the new Apartment. Aren't they so cute!

My new Living room.... I love it!
ODE to JOY concert 9/12/08

Most of you know that I play the Piano and I love Beethoven! This concert was absolutely amazing! They had everyone in the audience sing the National Anthem. It was beautiful.

This huge glass sculpture was in the front of the Abrevanel Hall. It was amazing.

This is dark but I thought it was so cool that when you walk out of the concert you can see SLC Temple.